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Approximate payment for care

Available between
19/06/2021 - 19/06/2022

  • Very characterful with a big personality and very playful.
  • Very chatty and loves exploring, especially finding treats.
  • She prefers to be solitary but has lived with other cats.

More Information:

We are Nemi and Ollie, we are leaving the UK for a year. We are looking for a long term temporary home for Tink.

She is a small black cat with white socks. She is neutered, chipped, house trained and has no health issues.

Tink has been with us since birth and lived with kittens and older cats throughout her life. She's not lived with dogs but has been introduced to them within her home.

She loves being active, especially outside playing randomly by herself, especially in the rain, mainly because she loves being dried off vigorously with a towel. But has been an indoor cat for the last 10 months due to our current location but does miss being outside.

Tink is very active, playful and loving so requires lots of interaction, but is also happy to sit and cuddle, mainly when a film is about to end. A box of any kind keeps her entertained.

Her ideal living situation would be an environment she can roam and explore. With someone who is happy to play and interact with her.


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