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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a pet owner

Why should I use Places4Pets?

Places4Pets provides various benefits to pet owners looking for temporary or permanent care. Firstly, temporary or permanent homes can be found matching your exact requirements. For example, if you would like the home to have a garden, simply search for listings with gardens!

Places4Pets is also much cheaper than kennels and housesitters. We thrive on establishing a community of pet lovers and ensuring that they provide the highest quality of care.

How can I be sure that the temporary home can be trusted?

After finding a potential match, Places4Pets recommends obtaining as much information as possible about the temporary or permanent home, along with meeting up with them before the care commences. This will help to ensure you get to know each other and are both comfortable.

What happens if I am unable to find a suitable place?

If you are unable to find a suitable temporary or permanent home then please feel free to contact us and we will help as much as possible. If the safety of your pet is going to be put into jeopardy then please visit the RSPCA website.

Should I pay a temporary home?

Some temporary homes will happily provide their caring services for free, others may charge. The price should be agreed upon between you and the temporary home before the care begins.

Should I pay a permanent home?

No, permanent care cannot be charged and Places4Pets will remove listing of pets which violates these terms of service.

I want to provide a place

Why should I use Places4Pets?

Places4Pets provides various benefits to homeowners who are willing to become a temporary or permanent home and provide high quality care. Our temporary care option allows pet lovers to have the enjoyment of a pet without the full-time commitment. And for those ready to take the next step, Places4Pets can help you find a pet on a more permanent basis.

By using Places4Pets, you can find pets which match your exact requirements. Looking for a Corgi? Our search tool makes it simple to find one. Many owners are also willing to pay for the service you provide, helping you earn some extra cash. (Payment is only possible for temporary care, not permanent).

What happens if I am unable to care for the pet anymore?

In the event that the temporary home is no longer able to care for the pet, the owner must be contacted to see if they are able to take back the pet for the remaining duration. If the owner does take the pet back before the contracted duration is over, then the temporary home will only be paid for the care given. This should be agreed between the owner and temporary home prior to the care.

Can't find an answer?

Visit the Contact Us page to send us a message.

We will respond to your questions within 24 hours and will be happy to help.


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