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Dogs owners are often faced with the difficult task of finding suitable temporary care for their beloved pets. A common solution is to use kennels, however dogs can be uncomfortable in a kennel environment and often misbehave or become ill, additionally kennels can become extremely expensive for prolonged periods. Housesitting is another popular solution but also comes with numerous drawbacks. Owners may not be comfortable with a stranger living in or having access to their home, or alternatively the owner’s situation could be that they are unable to care for their dog but will still be using their home. Housesitting also tends to be expensive as it is thought the service is more convenient for the owner by using their home.

Places4Pets is a completely unique service which revolutionises the way temporary dog care is performed in the UK. It will match owners who are looking to find a temporary home with trusted places who can offer high quality care, regardless of the specific requirements, duration and price. Places4Pets is a more effective, convenient and cheaper service compared to the current solutions.

About Us

Places4Pets aims to establish a community of respected dog lovers enabling owners to easily find temporary care when they require it. Additionally it enables inidividuals who may unable to provide the full life time commitment of a dog to get the befits of caring for one. The service is completely free to use and assistance is provided if required.

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